Ok…its time to Kneel…

I know I said the next post would be about the Play Party went to Saturday night, but I had another topic that I wanted to discuss. Kneeling. Pretty important right?

Ok, so the past 3 weeks I have either been in the Emergency Room or extremely sick with my Lupus. My body has really been against me. Sir has been super patient and nice taking care of me. He’s suspended pretty much all protocols until I get better. Obviously the ones that aren’t physical like calling him Sir or text messing him when I wake up in the morning were still in play. I had planned on Kneeling for Sir and officially giving him my submission, 3 weeks ago. But because of being sick I haven’t been able to do it. So finally I am healthy enough to do it officially. I am going to do it today when he comes home for work. We’ve already talked about it. I know what I am supposed to wear and will be ready when he gets home.

Kneeling is a big deal. At least to me it is being a submissive. It signifies that I am giving total control of my life to him. That I trust him to make the right decisions for me. As a Dominant this is a big responsibility. I am currently doing a kneeling exercise, where I kneel for 10 minutes a day, just to think and concentrate on my submission to Sir and think how I can improve my submission to him.

Me and Sir talked last tonight and he thinks I am ready for a collar. We looked at some collars and we have agreed on a collar of protection- one that I will wear to BDSM functions such as Munches, Play Parties, Sloshes, etc. So no other Dom’s approach me thinking I am an available submissive. We also agreed on a traditional collar that will be worn inside the house and is discreet enough to be worn outside the house as well. We will purchase the collars on Thursday. So I guess this week and next week we have some pretty big events happening in our D/s life.

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