My Busy Weekend…

Whew, this weekend was so busy. Friday I had a vendor show for Thirty-One all day, where it rained most of the day. I got no sales 😦 I was so tired when I finally got home Sir decided that we weren’t going to go to our local groups Slosh.

Saturday I was supposed to do the same vendor show ALL day, but I also had to prepare for we were going to our first Play  party (more about this is a separate post!) So instead of going to the vendor show I went shopping for something to wear. I found a nice black corset (never wore a corset before), and a cute black skirt to match. I also got fishnet thigh highs, and 4 inch heels to go with it. That pretty much took up most of my day. So we went to that Saturday night.

Sunday, I was back at the vendor show all day. I made about $400 in sales, which was pretty good. They told me I should’ve been there Saturday because a lot of people were there and I probably would’ve made a killing. Ugh, I hate that. When I finally got home I was pooped and so was Sir. He had to work Sunday after our Play Party. We didn’t leave until about 1:30am and Sir gets up at 4:30AM to go to work, so he didn’t get much sleep at all.

Any who, thought I would tell ya a little bit about my busy weekend. The next post should be about how our first Play Party went!! I hope to get it done by tomorrow.

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