The Brie Series…

So on this website that I’ve been talking a lot about lately, the subs have a book club. We are reading the Brie series of books. I am a little behind because of when I became a member of the site but these books are awesome. You can get them from itunes or amazon. The first book is “Brie Learns the art of submission”, it is very helpful in learning the art of Submission. Basically Brie goes through “Submissive School” to learn how to be a a submissive. I find that this book has been extremely helpful. I am on the second book series “Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation”, which is awesome because its about Brie learning how to apply what she’s learned in submissive school into real life D/s relationship. Again I am fully recommending these series…HBO needs to make this into a show, LOL.

Brie Brie2

6 thoughts on “The Brie Series…

  1. I’ve already read all that series and the Brie series after it.. I have to say they are amazing and they’re not like some books where the quality goes down, they stay amazing all the way through 🙂

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