No New Boxer…Yet! :-(

So I went to my breeders house as planned when I saw Kristo the Boxer I was gonna take he was huge. I looked at his score in obedience on IPO1. It was a 72 out of 100. Not Good. So my breeder offered another dog, in a couple months she will be getting a male puppy from Germany. That will be the Boxer we take. He will probably be 12 weeks old when we get him and we will start training ASAP.

In the meantime I will be working with Mr.Presco to get his Novice (CD) title. He’s gotten one leg, all he needs is two more. There is a show in September. I think I can have him ready by then. Plus he has these two spots on his knees that I need to nurse and get looking better. Long story short, when I was working Presco was pretty much in his crate all day. Causing these marks on his legs. However my breeder told me what to use to get the hair to grow back and treat his skin. So I will be doing that along with having a training and exercise regiment to get more defined muscles. He’s got to gain a couple more pounds so we are feeding him a little extra. But its hard to do that when its raining…UGH! I don’t know how long its supposed to be but it needs to hurry up, I got training to do. I may also try to get his Rally Advanced (RA) title as well.

On another note, surgery wound is healing up nicely. I’m not taking pain meds anymore. Which is good. So Happy Friday to everyone!!!!!

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