Busy, Surgery, New Dog, Busy!!!!

Hola!! I know I’ve been MIA for a bit but I have a good excuse LOL….I’ve been preparing for the arrival of our new Boxer tomorrow. Getting his training regiment together. I plan on showing him in AKC starting in August, so that means we gotta hit the training circuit hard and fast. He’s from Spain and his commands are in Serbian however my breeder has been working with him on learning German. So thats something I will continue. Its gonna be tough but I think we will get through it. He has his IPO1 title which includes obedience, bite work, and tracking so I’m sure he can handle AKC competition once we get our communication issues straightened out.

Another reason, I’ve been trying to get the house clean because yesterday I had surgery and I will be out of commission for about a week.

I had surgery on my smart port that’s in my chest. I originally was going to have it removed because I kept getting sheths at the end of the tubing. Pretty much my body was rejecting it. But when I got to talk to the surgeon before the surgery he said he thought he could fix it by replacing the port and making the tubing longer. He said we should try this first because my veins are terrible and how would I get my infusions if we took it out. So right before surgery, the surgery changed lol.

Surgery wasn’t bad, I woke up towards the end and started talking to the surgeon about my Boxer dogs and the new dog that is coming LOL. Sir went with me and he’s been taking real good care of me. Making sure I take my meds and he told me that protocols are on hold until I heal up…except for calling him Sir of course.

So today is day two and the medication I initially got has completely worn off and I am sore as hell. It hurts to raise my right arm and turn my head. So now I’m relying on pain medication to keep me ok, which is good but it completely knocks me out.

So in a nutshell that is why I’ve been MIA lately. Since I am just sitting here, I will probably write more this week. Too bad there won’t be any Kink but hey I’m sure you guys like hearing other things from me every once in a while lol. I’m also thinking about doing the 30 days of kink for July. That way you get a little bit of kink from me.

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