Married to the Beast

This is an awesome piece written by Dancing the Path. This is amazing! I connected so much with this!

Dancing the Path

In His arms

“You’re married to your Dom, isn’t your Lifestyle/Dynamic easier? Do you even have sub-drop ever? Honestly, I don’t see you as a real sub, you are merely doing your wifely duty…”…As much as I hate to even type those bad boys out, believe it or not, some rather rude subs and at least one very uncouth dominant have voiced either these comments, or something very similar to me about Our dynamic. Does this make you mad? It made me livid to be honest, but I never voiced exactly what it’s like to be a married submissive to her Dominant because, well honestly, these particular degenerates didn’t deserve my time to answer their petty, shallow and frankly ridiculous questions/comments. The worst part about what they said though, was that it bore into my head, the insecurity that was there; was I really a sub? Was Our dynamic somehow completely different and…

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