Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 31st Birthday! Yay! We are enjoying our vacation in Savannah. Sir got me an Oreo ice cream cake.

The only thing is with my Lupus I can’t really go out in the peak of the day. It’s so hot and draining. Made that mistake yesterday and almost had a heat stroke and when we finally got back to the condo I was completely drained. Sometimes I hate Lupus….ok, all the time I hate Lupus.

So the beach is out, Sir doesn’t want me to pass out from the heat…boo! But we are going on a ghost tour tonight, so I am excited about that.

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday! A nice moonlit stroll along the beach can be nice. I know it isn’t the same as enjoying the sun, but you can still enjoy the beach! Have fun on the ghost tour. I went on one once and I swear a ghost passed right through me. It made me cold and very weepy.


  2. Happy Birthday! Take care of yourself I bet it’s hotter that oh holy hell down there. Make sure that you are putting on a hat and sunscreen before you go outside. When will you be back?

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