Kink of The Week: Anonymous Sex!

So…when I first saw this topic, I was at a loss. I’ve never had anonymous sex and I didn’t really know how I felt about it let alone what to write about it. But after careful thought about it I can now at least write my opinion on it.

I personally could never do anonymous sex. I have a emotional connection that goes with sex. When I was single that why is was hard for me to have casual sex, I always got emotionally attached. Plus to me, If I don’t know you, I’m definitely not sleeping with you. I mean with all the diseases that are going around nowadays (I’m just paranoid), even if you do wear a condom. Nope…just not for me.

Maybe I could write a story about anonymous sex but I would feel like I’d be guessing because I’ve never experienced it.

I hope this post doesn’t sound harsh, but anonymous sex just doesn’t sound smart to me. But to each his own and if you’ve done it then that’s great for you. I don’t judge, I just voice my opinion on things and its just that my opinion.

Kink of the Week

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