Being Stuck on Labels

Ok, so you guys have heard me post on labels and me and Sir trying to figure out our dynamic. I am a person who needs to know where I stand. However, after doing more research and listening to some comments that were made. I have learned that labels don’t really matter and we can be whatever we want to be.

I was worried that because we are in a TPE that we have to be M/s. That’s not really the case. We don’t have to fit into any mold. But I have gotten some advice and I am going to take it. So to satisfy myself, we are labeling ourselves as a D/s relationship with Total Power Exchange. And that’s perfectly fine with us for now.

I know dynamics change and maybe one day we will get so comfortable in the D/s role that we will want to explore other roles such as M/s. Something else we learned is that its great to start out with D/s because that builds a strong foundation, so if in the future we want to try the M/s dynamic and it doesn’t work out for us we can always go back to the foundation of being D/s. Which makes a lot of sense to us. Most people I have talked to have started out in the D/s role and then eventually went to the M/s role.

So I guess the point of this post is to just tell you guys don’t get caught up in the labels. Do your own thing. BDSM is unique to each couple. You guys set the rules (Well actually the dominant sets the rules, lol), But you know where I’m going with that. So now that we are not caught up on labels, I also updated the Rules page, we changed some of the rules.

Sir is still having a hard time coming up with daily tasks for me.  But until he gives me something, I will just focus on cleaning the house, making his lunch, and making sure that when he’s home he doesn’t have to worry about anything, he can sit back and relax. Sir has been super busy at work, working 10-12 hours a day. So he’s pretty beat when he comes home. He shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

4 thoughts on “Being Stuck on Labels

  1. Yes!!! So much this! Sir and I have had this discussion quite a few times and We have both come to the conclusion that there are Guidelines, but that really titles can be whatever you choose. Love this!

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  2. I think you are being very smart by starting out slowly and building that solid foundation. Call it anything you want, as long as it works for both of you. Keep up the good work. The rewards are endless. 🙂

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