Fetlife and Submissive/Slave Friends

I was reading another Slave’s blog today and it got me thinking about friends in the community. I think it is important to have friends that are submissives/slaves. Especially in the beginning, I know I’ve learned so much from the ladies blogs that I follow. They are awesome. But there are always gonna be haters out there, I don’t know why some women are so vindictive towards other women, but I just say “forget them and concentrate on the good friends you do have”, I’m always looking for ladies to chat with or be friends with. You can contact me on Fetife, I’m Geminigrl1984.

16 thoughts on “Fetlife and Submissive/Slave Friends

  1. Another good resource is “https://littlekaninchen.com” if you haven’t gone there. It’s a community of Subs/Slaves/Littles etc. You might really enjoy it.

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  2. I’m so glad you posted this! It’s so true that subbies need other subbies!! I’m totally checking out that other site and letting Sir know of the husdom one!!! Thank you

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  3. It is so important to have friends, especially female friends, in this community. Sometimes we need insight, stories, and advice to advance in this lifestyle. Thank you for sharing so much on your blog. 🙂

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  4. I’m always looking for sub friends, too! And I know what you mean about the mean people on Fet. It’s discouraging.

    I’ve been on the LK site but I don’t enjoy the format all that much.

    I’m going to look you up on Fet!


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