The Worst Day! (vanilla and venting)

Ok wow! Today has been the worst day I have had in a long time.

Let’s start with this morning, I woke up and as usual I texted Sir to let him know that I was up. After that I received a message from our dog breeder and friend. She was travelling to our city for a dog show and wanted me to meet her there. Now I had been cooped up in my house all week because of that stupid sick policy that states we have to stay in our residence while on sick leave. So I decided to go ahead and meet her and watch her show her dogs. I asked Sir of course and he gave me permission to go.

I got to the show and found my breeder, she had three beautiful Boxers she was showing. While standing ringside and waiting for her to get out of the ring, I happened to spot one of my co-workers. He was there showing his dog. I knew this would be bad if he spotted me. I tried to let my breeder know I was leaving but it was too late, he spotted me. He came over and chatted with me like he was my best friend. Acted like he was so concerned about me having to medically retire. I had left my phone in my breeders car, so after the show I saw that I had a text from one of my friends who is dating one of my co-workers. Apparently this co-worker texted my entire platoon and my boss and told them I was at the dog show. She said that her boyfriend didn’t seem like anyone really cared. Well 10 minutes later I received the following text from my boss:

“There doesn’t need to be a response to this message…I hope you had a good time at your dog show and I hope your dogs are doing well”

Well I responded back with

“Ok. for one I didn’t show a dog at the dog show. Yes, I was there to watch my friend show her Boxers. and two, very professional text message sarge, how about next time you try going to the horses mouth instead of believing rumors”

He never responded back.

So ever since then I have been going back and forth between extreme anger, extreme fear, extreme betrayal, extreme sadness. Sir, was not happy about this.

One, it was very unprofessional how my sergeant texted me.

Two, it was very snakish how my co-worker pretended to be my best friend at the dog show and was taking pictures of me sending them to other co-workers and my boss. Not that I was showing a dog or doing anything physically strenuous. I was there as a spectator.

Ok, yes I was out of my house between the hours of 7-3 and technically that’s against policy. But even my therapist told me when I told her about that stupid policy that most people with chronic illnesses have depression and shutting them in their house away from people just is asking for them to have an episode of major depression. But oh well, I guess they don’t care about that either because like Lupus, Depression is a made up disease according to them.

So, what’s the worst that can happen now, they can write me up for violation of policy and maybe suspend me…oh well I’m fucking gone anyway bitches. I’m medically retiring.

On a side note, Sir has been really caring and understanding today. I was so upset I got a migraine and my lupus started flaring up. My body ached so bad, Sir told me to lay down until he got home. He held me as I cried and explained how everything went down. He was so upset at the whole thing. I was so vulnerable in his arms. I felt like a wounded child. We feel asleep for a while. When we woke up I asked if I could have an adult beverage to calm my nerves. I was still shaking and my head was still hurting. He left to go get dinner and brought me back a six pack of Smirnoff Ice Grape flavored. We watched ghost shows because Sir knows I like them. He was doing everything to make me feel better. I am so lucky to have a Sir like him. Finally he gave me permission to stay up and watch television while he went to bed. So here I sit with the doggies writing.

I haven’t gotten to catch up on my blogs today, so I will be up doing some reading (and a little drinking).

3 thoughts on “The Worst Day! (vanilla and venting)

  1. Lol sounds like my Sgt. I had vacation approved by my LT when my parents came to town and my Sgt had the balls to call me and ask me why I wasn’t at work and until he could verify with LT he would have me down as a “No call/No show”. Needless to say, he never called back. However, fuck heads like that hold grudges because they think you’re milking it, but you need to take care of you. We know that if we aren’t 100% there on duty people get hurt, things go south. We have to be on our game in order to go home safely. As far as the SOP’s, as you said they’ll probably throw it at you, but don’t be afraid to throw it right back at them. Your boss contacting you on your personal phone regarding work is him basically having you work while off duty 😉 Fight fire with fire!

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  2. Oy! What douches! I’m so very sorry you were treated so unjustly. Your Sir is one heck of a winner, He’s got His head straight and was doing wonderfully taking care of you like He did. Hugs darling, I hope things get sorted and smooth out for you.

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