And so I learned something new today…

So…. I’m taking the “Starting Out” e-course that Submissive Guide offers. Trying to get all the learning in that I can. I just realized that me and Sir are more of M/s relationship than a D/s relationship….interesting since I had that post the other day about us being D/s….lol. Come to think about it, I really don’t have any real big limits. I trust Sir in his judgement on what’s best for me. Well hell…I’m a slave 🙂

Hmmmph….now I feel like a hot mess….but I know now I’m a hot mess SLAVE…woohoo! Actually just saying it feels more comfortable.

I love how I can just laugh at myself.

7 thoughts on “And so I learned something new today…

  1. No rules. No limitations. D/s is how you make it. You can be how and who you want. Whatever your sir thinks is best and how he molds you to be the best you.

    Enjoy the ride!

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  2. My Beloved Sir does not allow me to call Him Master as He doesn’t feel He’s earned the title as of yet, but He is Master of my heart and my submission. I’m a pet/1950’s housewife/slave/princess/natural sub type person lol. I’m glad you’re finding your way, its a great feeling!!!

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  3. Definitely welcome. I too traveled from submissive to slave in a very short time, though my own realisation and Masters. Plus like you lots of reading. Enjoy xx

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  4. My Master has lived in the South his whole life. Shortly after W/we began O/our relationship, i let Him know I could easily see myself as His slave someday. He let me know His discomfort with the word and all of its implications. We talked at length about the consensual necessity of entering into BDSM slavehood and the differences between that and the enslavement of African Americans. He said that He was hoping to train me to be His slave, eventually.

    As with everything He does, my training was subtle yet intense over the past months. For my birthday, i was collared and He spoke the words my spirit longed for, “My slave, I have chosen a new name for you. You are now tasha and you are Mine.” W/we do it O/our way and couldn’t be happier!”


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