TGIF..not really LOL

Hey guys, thank goodness its Friday…well it really doesn’t matter for me since I’ve been off work. I think I’ve gone stir crazy being in this house. Our work policy states that if you are on sick time you have to stay in your residence the hours that are supposed to be working unless going to a doctors appointment or going to the pharmacy. So from the hours of 7-3pm I am stuck in my house.

One good thing I had a friend come over and help me get the “Play Room” ready. It was my office, so we moved my office stuff to another room and now its empty and ready for our bed to be delivered. Sir is going to be so happy that we got so much done today. However, I am extremely tired now. I still have to go get my hair done later, ugh!

We went to the grocery last night and I got a really weird feeling, my head started to hurt and I felt like I was going to pass out. But we got through the trip and made it home. Tonight Sir is going to grill out steaks and I am going to make some sides. So it should be a good Friday.

Everyone have a good Friday!!

4 thoughts on “TGIF..not really LOL

    • Oh thank you so much for following me! I cant wait until its done, still waiting on the bed. Sir wants to get some new nice toys for the room. Yes, i check your blog every day, love it!!!


  1. Hi!! I am just getting the opportunity to start catching up on your blog. I work for government too and something you said in this post definitely made me wonder. How can any employer enforce a policy that says you have to stay in your house while on sick leave? That just seems crazy to me!! Also, I understand the concern of abusing sick leave. We have to deal with that pretty often but as long as you have documentation you should be fine. I do recommend maybe you look into filing FMLA if you haven’t already. This will protect you and allow you to be out even intermittently as long as it is related to the approved medical condition. Feel free to send me a private message if you have more questions about how to go about this process. Obviously, you posted this a while back ago so it may not even be pertinent at this point.


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