So Sir is getting better at Dominating me, but I am being so impatient. I just want him to get it and do it quickly in the bedroom and outside the bedroom. He’s doing great inside the bedroom. I have never seen this side of him before and I like it a lot. But I have be patient. Which is something I’m not good at. We have a whole new lifestyle to learn and become accustom to. However, I am so impatient which I guess might be a bad quality in a submissive. I just have the yearning and the need to be dominated.

Last night we went to a wedding, a friend from Sirs work. It was a nice wedding, and we got to see some couples that I haven’t seen in a long time. Its been a while since the couples from his work had a dinner out. So the ladies caught up with each other. Sir was very gracious and let me have two alcoholic beverages. I slipped up a couple of times and called him Sir in front of everyone but I don’t think anyone paid any attention to it.

I know that this transition won’t happen overnight, especially for him. But I have seriously got to work on my impatience. I’ve got to understand that he’s got to do his research just like I had to do my research on becoming a submissive. Its going to take time. So while hes adjusting to that, I will definitely work on being patient. Any suggestions on how to do that????

5 thoughts on “Impatience!

  1. I don’t have any advice. I can tell you, from my experience, it can’t be rushed. I gave always been a ” I want it all and I want it now” kind of girl. Sir is nauseatingly patient. I couldn’t make him Dominant, I had to wait and learn to truly submit before he could take the reins. I can tell you, it was TOTALLY worth it. 😉

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  2. I have lots of empathy for you. Thankfully my Master was fully on board the same time I was, but what we’ve found is that we don’t both grow & change at the same rate. So I might get a spurt where I get really good at being submissive in more situations and ways while he stays the same, so I start to wonder – is this going to work? Or vice versa happens. One thing I’ve noticed is that the more I am overtly submissive (addressing him as Master as much as possible, anticipating his wants and needs, reminding him that he is the boss – in a very respectful manner! – when he asks what *I* want to do, etc.) has furthered and encouraged his dominance. It is definitely a two-way street where both parties strengthen the others traits. My submission helps him dominate me and his dominance helps me submit to him.

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  3. Good for you both for working so hard at making your relationship everything you want it to be! It takes a lot of work and communication, but it sounds like you’re both on the right track! Best of luck!

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