The Rules


Every D/s relationship has rules that the submissive must follow. Primarily the Dominant makes these rules.

So we went over the rules (and there are a lot of them) last night. I am fairly comfortable with them all. If you want to check them out I posted them on a separate page. You can get to that page by looking at the top of this page. I am a little nervous about how Sir is going to handle being a Dominant. He is confident in himself and I am confident in him as well. So far he has done very well in making decisions.

I have a new respect for him that I did not have before we introduced BDSM in our lives. At this point, I may be speaking early, but I think BDSM is going to save our marriage. I think it makes Sir feel like the man in the relationship where as before he did not feel this way because I was making all the decisions, I was paying the bills. I wasn’t really asking for any input from him. Now its going to be totally different, he is in complete control of me.

Our D/s relationship is a TPE (total power exchange) meaning I am giving complete control to Sir. It is a lot of responsibility but I know that he can handle it. I trust him to make the right decisions for us. Sure at first we are going to have bumps in the road but I believe this is the right path for us.

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